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September, 2016


A BITE and GREEN CARD are finishing post-production and being sent to festivals.

Mike S. Ryan of Hammer to Nail on OTHER MONTHS


“A three-part journey into a moody post college grad’s head space. Each part represents a different tone and employs a different visual style. Although at times it’s dragged down by a compulsive verbosity, this is an excellent first film in which both character and plot are explored through evocative compositions, lighting, and editing. This is […]

Smells Like Screen Spirit on OTHER MONTHS


“Other Months works as a poetic character study that visualizes Nash’s prolonged existential quagmire…The title of Singer’s debut feature is incredibly fitting, as he chooses random moments (the “other months”) in Nash’s life, while purposefully avoiding what we might expect to be the milestone dramatic moments. Rating: 8/10″ -Don Simpson, Smells Like Screen Spirit

Monday Morning Matinee on OTHER MONTHS


“There’s a naturalism to the direction that makes it all seem real…It’s a noble first effort from Singer, who brings out a solid performance from Bonewitz, who shows a great deal of promise. He takes his role and puts everything he has into it. I was impressed. Rating: 6.8/10” -Will Oliver, Monday Morning Matinee



“One [sequence] in particular stands out, referred to by the film’s composer as ‘a symphony of urban isolation.’ Bonewitz’s bravery here recalls the meltdown Martin Sheen underwent for the opening of Apocalypse Now…The possibilities are practically endless for the exhilaratingly talented [cinematographer] Zweifach.” -David Hudson, Fandor



“This short film, screened with The Sound of Small Things, is a lone wolf story presented in a series of cinematic sketches illustrating a day in the life of a young plumber. Opening with a dark and surreal sex scene, we follow the main character’s search for human connection on the most basic level. Sex […]

August, 2016


A BITE and GREEN CARD are currently in post-production.