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December, 2017


BITE wins the awards for BEST PERFORMANCE for Phoebe Young, as well as the AUDIENCE AWARD at the DAMN! Film Series.

MarBelle of Director’s Notes on BITE


You’ve completed three shorts since your debut feature Other Months screened at SXSW 2014. What brought you back to the shorts arena and how do you feel shorts differ from features as a means of expression? The straightforward answer is that I started graduate school after finishing Other Months and I wasn’t able to continue to make features. The […]

November, 2017


Director’s Notes conducts an interview on the making of BITE: “Despite beginning life as a twisted revenge fantasy harking back to an unpleasant childhood incident, Director Nick Singer’s short film ‘Bite’ instead developed into a gentle, understated tale of the harsh consequences which result from shirked culpability.”

BITE on Vimeo


BITE has been released publicly online.

Kimi from on BITE


A beautiful short about a girl and a dog by New York-based filmmaker Nick Singer (of Geryon films). While originally conceived as a gory revenge tale involving a father brutally killing a neighbor’s dog after it attacks his daughter, this final version is filled with a series of quiet moments as Singer focuses less on the […]

November, 2017

01-Nov-17 writes a mini-feature on BITE. “Filled with a series of quiet moments as Singer focuses less on the explicit acts of violence and more on the subtleties of the girl’s relationship with her dog, and her father.”

October, 2017


BITE plays at the FilmColumbia Festival on Saturday, October 28th at 5:15pm as the opening short for the feature documentary SLED DOGS.

September, 2017


BITE played to a sold out crowd at the Damn! Film Series in New York City. The screening included a Q&A with lead actress Phoebe Young and director Nick Singer.

Film Columbia


“Bite” will play at the 18th edition of Film Columbia in Chatham, NY. Time and Location TBA.

August, 2017


BITE has been selected to participate in the DAMN! Film Series in New York, NY on September 12th.